Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathy - Naturopathic medicine

The natural medicine is a discipline of medicine and a forerunner of today's medicine. She describes natural forms of treatment, most of which survived, and not just since the prevalence of "natural" science oriented medicine are known.

The focus is the treatment of medicinal plants, also called Phytotherapy. Besides physical applications play an important role (particularly aware of the spa applications), as well as dietary and life-enhancing policy measures.

In the broadest sense is one man who, in addition to many other holistic healing methods oriented to acupuncture, homeopathy and naturopathy to the customer. The modern orthomolecular medicine man also expects to naturopathy, because they only course got agents working that one either from the food or the wins as in the body naturally occurring substances known.

The natural healing is the oldest form of medicine

It is neither "primitive" yet it has become obsolete. The modern man is part of nature. Even in the Stone Age people recognized the healing effect of various herbs. In ancient Greece practiced and taught the first writing mentioned doctors, long ago did so shamans and druids.

The natural medicine in the Middle Ages was the one maintained in the monasteries, on the other hand, but the "quack-doctor" women persecuted and accused as witches and mostly burned. It is certainly a fallacy, if we assume that the persecution is a "misguided" religious persecution. The natural healing has been a long time since powerful opponents.

The knowledge of herbs witches is not lost. It has many recordings found and decoded. That knowledge is being recycled and used every day somewhere. Today Naturopathies not more than witches burned, but welcome their knowledge is still not. The abolition of the Inquisition was not the end of many trials, naturopathy from the consciousness of the people to eradicate. Today, there are laws, which the cultivation and distribution naturopathic products, and under penalty. And today, there is also the assertion that naturopathy is "unscientific" and therefore dangerous.

We have set ourselves the task, the knowledge to naturopathy to collect, describe the latest research to publish and understandable to present to you. This knowledge, we have a total of seven main divisions

Acne Alcoholism Allergies Anaemia Anorexia Anxiety Appendicitis Arthritis Asthma Back Pain Bad Breath Bladder Blood Pressure High Blood Pressure Low Boils Bronchitis Cataract Chicken Pox Cholera Cholesterol Cirrhosis Colitis Common Cold Constipation Corns Coughs Cystitis Dandruff Defective Vision Depression Diabetes Diarrhea Eczema - Skin Rash Epilepsy Fatigue Fibrocystic Breast Fever Gall Stones Gastritis Goiter Gout Grey Hair Hair Loss Headache Heart Disease Hot Flashes Hypertension Hypotension Indigestion Infertility Influenza - Flu Insomnia Impotence (Men) Impotence (Women) Kidney Stones Loss Memory Low Blood Sugar Measles Menopausal Disorders Menstrual Problems Migraine Obesity Piles Prostate Disorders Pyorrhoea Rheumatism Ring Worm Sinisitis Sore Throat Stress Tonsillitis Toothache Uterine Fibroids Vaginal Infections Varicose Veins Warts

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